Tivoli Audio ORB Walnut Network Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth


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Hung on the wall like a painting or placed in its stand like a sculpture, the ORB is an object of art. The high-quality Gabriel fabric and real wood cabinet mix together elevating the ORB to more than a speaker and heightening your home’s décor.

NO SOUND WAS SACRIFICED IN THE DESIGN OF THE ORB The front port allows for ample bass and room filling audio from its slim form factor.


Wireless Network enabled (Wi-Fi)

Bluetooth® wireless connectivity

Spotify® Connect 3.5mm

Auxiliary Input

Easily connect each speaker to your home network using SAC technology

Connect a multitude of speakers on a single network


DC power

Optional rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of full playback, making the speaker truly wireless. (Battery not included)