Singapore & Penang Street Food


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A must for anyone who wants to broaden his view of the world of gastronomy. Sharpen your senses and get ready to be carried away on a spectacular culinary journey through Singapore and Penang (Malaysia). As in the two previous books in this series, the authors focus on the tantalizing everyday street food found in these locales. Tom Vandenberghe and Luk Thys serve up more than 60 authentic street food recipes, simply explained and photographed in an original manner. Through the eyes of these culinary adventurers you will become acquainted with a unique street food scene and its many different influences from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Europe. Tom's fascinating travel story, spiced up with lively and entertaining anecdotes, provides a captivating introduction to the melting-pot of South-East Asian cuisine and offers outsiders an insight into the eating culture of each place.