NZ Sheepskin Beanbag - Sand


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Sink into a luxurious long wool sheepskin and enjoy the sheer comfort with this piece of interior lavish delight. Made from specially selected lush long or short wool sheepskins Classic bean bags draw you in and it’s very hard to leave. The bean bag is specially shaped to hold its form and is perfect to lounge in. The shape is finished with a small leather base to stop it from slipping and is easily filled. Although they can be supplied stuffed we normally supply unstuffed for international orders and recommend they are filled with 250-350 litres of standard bean bag beans. The sheepskin bags are lined with a fabric inner for easy filling and extra strength and shape. A zip provides access for filling and security.

Approximate Dimensions Height 85x Diameter 90x Circumference 280cm

Wool Length (Approximate) Long - 60-70mm - (2.5 inches) - Natural Length