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Love Warriors Integrity


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No fear in the armours of others. No shame in the fence of my own. My aura, my shelter, my un-cracked shell. Needed to confine and secure. A shell keeps the tides at bay. Respect my boundaries.

Integrity – a tribute to the right to remain introvert and protected. Without shame or having to hide in the shadows. It is a strength to hold your armour high, bear your armour with pride. Your honesty is your actions.

Hope is a series of photo art produced by Love Warriors as a tribute to various strengths we need in life. Captured by the Swedish photographer Niklas Nyman. Our photo art is printed on metal plate, plexiglass, tyvek or fine art paper. Tyvek is a modern material with shine and sturdiness, being of high density and high gloss, strong and water-resistant as well as thin. It does not need to be framed since two adhesive strips & two metal clips for hanging casually cool are included. All prints are embossed with a stamp to guarantee authencity.

100 x 70 cm

Tyvek Paper