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Love Warriors Instinct


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Silent voices, sounds of resonance there is a war inside me. Waves of activity, an inner battle a pounding between the systems. Thoughts and sentiments basic instincts. In its core, an inner force. The voice that shall lead the way Instinct a tribute to our gut feeling. Our basic instincts and the voice from within. We need our heart to feel, our intellect to think and our instinct to guide us. Trust your gut feeling! Always.

Hope is a series of photo art produced by Love Warriors as a tribute to various strengths we need in life. Captured by the Swedish photographer Niklas Nyman.

Our photo art is printed on metal plate, plexiglass, tyvek or fine art paper. Tyvek is a modern material with shine and sturdiness, being of high density and high gloss, strong and water-resistant as well as thin. It does not need to be framed since two adhesive strips & two metal clips for hanging casually cool are included. All prints are embossed with a stamp to guarantee authencity.

100 x 100 cm

Material Tyvek Paper